The 9mm Pistol is a weapon used in Alan Wake's American Nightmare. It is the Alan's default weapon and it replaces the Revolver as the weakest weapon.


"Your default weapon in most situations. The 9mm Pistol may not be very exciting, but it's dependable and easy to use."


The 9mm pistol bears a striking resemblance to the Beretta M92. Unlike the Beretta, the 9mm pistol holds ten rounds in the magazine rather than fifteen. The 9mm pistol has a decent rate of semi-automatic fire and decent firepower, allowing the shooter to taken out several enemies with a single magazine in quick succession. The quick reload also aids the shooter when facing groups of enemies. It boasts a larger magazine and faster rate of fire than both the Magnum and the Revolver, but falls short of both in terms of raw stopping power.

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