Alan, Wake Up is an achievement in Alan Wake. It requires you to complete Alan Wake on "Nightmare" difficulty.




  • "You completed the game on Nightmare difficulty."


In order to unlock "Nightmare" difficulty, you will need to have completed the game once. In "Nightmare" difficulty, enemies deal more damage, have more health, and there are less supplies throughout the game. The amount of enemies is not changed.

"Nightmare" difficulty, specifically, is 100% more difficult than "Normal" difficulty, and 50% more difficult than "Hard" difficulty. An enemy that took 4 shots to kill on "Normal" difficulty (or 6 shots to kill on "Hard" difficulty) will take 8 shots to kill on "Nightmare" difficulty, while an enemy that could kill you in 3 hits on "Normal" difficulty (or 2 hits on "Hard" difficulty) will kill you in 1 hit on "Nightmare" difficulty.

Please note that completing the game on Nightmare will unlock any other game completion achievements.

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