Alan Wake's American Nightmare soundtrack made of both licensed and original music like that of Alan Wake.

Licensed MusicEdit

There are two licensed songs in the game:

  • Kasabian - Club Foot
  • Ed Harcourt - Watching the Sun Come Up

Original MusicEdit


41878 256565

Petri Alanko composed the score once again for this game. Only this time, he working on this in his spare time.

Track No. Name of Song Length
1 So Cold His Heart 2:19
2 My Eyes Or His 2:03
3 Revenge In My Arms Again 2:23
4 American Nightmares (The Theme) 1:51
5 Nailgun, Pistol, Shotgun, ANYTHING 1:43
6 Spiders 2:15
7 My Evil Thoughts 2:34
8 Itching 1:12
9 American Nightmares (The Demo) 0:53
10 Emma 1:34
11 Rachel 1:40
12 Serena 2:32
13 Funny How Things They Turn 3:46


Alan Wake's American Nightmare FULL SOUNDTRACK44:27

Alan Wake's American Nightmare FULL SOUNDTRACK

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