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Article of the Month (July)

Imaginary barry

Imaginary Barry is a form of Barry Wheeler who appears in the two DLC episodes "The Signal" and The Writer". He acts and appears like the real Barry, but he is transparent and only appears to remind Alan of things he already knows. He accompanies Alan as he tries to escape his mind as well as generate some comic relief.

However, in the second DLC episode, he hardly appears, especially around when Thomas Zane appears to try and help Alan escape his mind and The Dark Place, showing that perhaps Barry is hiding a secret as Barry and other townsfolk such as Emil Hartman and the Anderson Brothers fight Alan in order to try and kill him to take control of his mind completely.

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Results for Poll of June (Should Poets of the Fall songs be featured more, less or about the same in future Remedy games?)
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    90% Off Alan Wake on Steam

    December 30, 2013 by Kranitoko

    As part of Steam's Holiday Sale, you can get Alan Wake for 90% off it's original sale price... both games that is.

    Both Alan Wake and American Nightmare are up for sale, so click the link and buy the franchise now.

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    How would you like to win a signed Alan Wake's American Nightmare photo, signed by the one and only Fred Berman, who played the characters of Barry Wheeler from the Alan Wake franchise and Vinnie Gognitti in Max Payne 2?

    Fansite "The Sudden Stop" is giving you this very opportunity.

    Go here to find o…

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