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Robert Nightingale is a character that appears in four episodes of Alan Wake. A former FBI agent, his partner and friend Finn was 'taken' by a darkness. Distraught at losing his friend, Nightingale fell into a depression and began drinking heavily. Tormented by horrific nightmares, this was when he first saw Alan.

Obsessed and paranoid, Nightingale set out to find the man from his dreams, likely thinking he was the cause of what happened to Finn. Tracking Alan to Bright Falls, he attempts and eventually manages to arrest Alan.

After arresting Alan Nightingale is pulled through a door by the same darkness that once took his partner. He is last seen, covered in darkness, in an abandoned building at the end of Departure.

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How do you feel about the announcement of the indefinitely cancelled Alan Wake 2 and its prototype footage?

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    90% Off Alan Wake on Steam

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