Automobiles, commonly known as cars, are wheeled motor vehicles and a mode of transport in Alan Wake. Their head lights can also be used to burn away Taken's shields before running them over and destroying them.

Drivable ModelsEdit

The Hillscrambler SUVEdit


Catalog Description: An Oldie, but a goodie! Although it may not accelerate with the best of them, this crawls up hills with a dogged determination! It's a little unwieldy, but it gets the job done! (Based on Toyota J60 Land Cruiser)

Bright Falls Light & Power Pickup Edit


Catalog Description: Great general-purpose vehicles, these pickups are part of a recently released fleet from the disused Bright Falls Power Plant, north of town. They're fast enough, with good steering and durability. (Based on 1981 Dodge Ram)

Military-Style Off-roaderEdit


Catalog Description: Do you crave a more boxy ride, with tighter cornering and a rapid skid you can easily drive out of? Then test-drive this classic off-roader today. Arguably the best! (based on Land Rover 88" Series III)

The Jupiter SummitEdit


Catalog Description: A modern SUV in every sense of the word. Featuring, as all our vehicles do, high-beam lights that dazzle and then cut through dark protection, and a hood to withstand at least six human-sized bodies! (Based on 1995 Ford Explorer or 1997 Mercury Mountaineer)

Tan SedanEdit


Catalog Description: A classic vehicle. This 1979 model is available in one color, and features decent acceleration, and some wild, fishtail-prone turns. If you want to hit taken using rather then skill, try this out! (Based on 1972 Chevrolet Impala, but it's a semi-intentional homage Sam Raimi's 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88)

Walter's PickupEdit

Catalog Description: One careful owner. Full service records. Used primarily to drive to and from the Anderson farm. Local commuter! Very similar to the Bright Falls Light & Power pickup, but with a few more dents. (Based on Ford F-100)

2008 Ford F-450 Crew Cab Park Ranger Package (Tuxedo Black Metallic)Edit


Catalog Description: Pride of the Elderwood Forest Service, this big boy is a true monster! One left! it's not just a pickup truck! Built Ford tough! It slams through strange, grey woodsman with ease! Impressive power! Boasting the 6.4l powerstroke turbo diesel V8 this thing tears through anything in its way!

2011 Lincoln MKXEdit


Driveable in Episode 6 between the first tunnel and the bridge.

Un-drivable ModelsEdit

2010 Lincoln MKT (Cinnamon Metallic)Edit


Catalog Description: Quick and nimble, with a good turning circle, and little body roll or sway. The three-row luxury cross over. Explore the unparalleled luxury of MKT, Panoramic vista roof™! Drive one today!

This is also the car that Alan and Alice plan to use throughout there time in Bright Falls.

2009 Ford FlexEdit


A licensed one is seen on the bridge in Episode 6.

2009 Lincoln MKSEdit


A licensed one is seen in front of the trailer park in Episode 3.

2011 Ford FiestaEdit


A licensed one is seen in the trailer park in Episode 3, but only during the daytime.

2010 Ford FusionEdit


A licensed one is seen in Episode 2 behind the police station.

2008 Mercury MarinerEdit


A licensed one is seen at the Majestic Motell in Episode 6.

Chevrolet Impala Police CarEdit

Better police car

Several destroyed cars of the Bright Falls police force can be seen in Episode 3: Ransom, as well as one in Special 2: The Writer. These can be scavenged for supplies such as flashbangs and flares.

Ford Crown VictoriaEdit

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In Alan Wake it's found in black and beige color. Alan is seen driving a beige one in American Nightmare.

Chevrolet AvalancheEdit


Barry is seen using this car over his time in Bright Falls. In Episode 4 he crashes it while driving to the Anderson Farm with Alan.

Hummer H2 SUTEdit

Barry car
Seen in The Writer at the Cauldron Lake Lodge.

Honda AccordEdit


It's common car in both games. In Alan Wake, it's found in blue and white color, but in American Nightmare only in blue. Dr. Meadows drives one.

Dodge Charger Police PackageEdit


Parked across the road from the diner in American Nightmare. However it appears only during Act I. Interestingly, it has an Oregon state livery, because it was reused from the unreleased Alan Wake 2 concept.

Buick ElectraEdit


Parked at the gas station and the at the Drive-In Theater. Although it's found only in American Nightmare, it is seen on a very early Alan Wake screenshot.

Dodge RamchargerEdit


Found at the Observatory and in the Trailer Park Fight 'Till Dawn map in American Nightmare.

Plymouth BelvedereEdit

Emma car better

First seen in The Signal as a wrecked car. It also appears in American Nightmare in Emma's garage and in the Trailer Park Fight 'Till Dawn map.

Jeep WranglerEdit


In Alan Wake it's seen as a wreck in Episode 6. In American Nightmare it's parked at the gas station.

Toyota J40 Land CruiserEdit


Seen as a wreck in Alan Wake. In American Nightmare it found only on the Trailer Park Fight 'Till Dawn map.

Toyota CamryEdit


Seen as a burned out car in both games.

Chevrolet S-10Edit


Found only in Alan Wake. It has two variants: a blue civilian pickup and one bearing Bright Falls Light & Power logo. Probably due to an oversight, in Episode 3 after defeating the possessed bulldozer, Alan gets in a Bright Falls Light & Power variant, but in the cutscene and after it changes into a Dodge Ram.

Chevrolet Silverado Monster Truck Edit


First seen as a possessed vehicle in Episode 6 after leaving the bridge. It' seen again during The Signal, where two monster trucks attack Alan.

Chevrolet Chevy VanEdit


Seen in both games.

Ford EconolineEdit


In Alan Wake, it's seen in white color, but in American Nightmare, it's seen bearing the Mount Redtooth National Observarory or Stanley's Home Improvement logo. The latter one is dirty and has mismatched green left door and hood.