The Bad Words (as Imaginary Barry Wheeler calls it) is an area found in The Signal.

About Edit

The "Bad Words" is an area which is encountered in the first Alan Wake DLC The Signal. They act in the same way as the typewriter words, except the area is full of words that if activated, will cause an enemy of some kind to appear, depending on the word. However, in the same area, you do have words that help, such as "Boom!", which will cause a huge explosion. But this can be considered bad, because if you activate the word when there are no enemies around, it will explode and the light will cause other words to come alive and could possibly cause a chain reaction to other "Boom!" words.

Walkthrough Edit

There are three ways to get through this area unharmed.

  • Run through the area, careless on what you might activate. If you are quick, you may reach the light at the end before you are harmed.
  • Walk through the area slowly.
  • Walk around the edge of the area.

Words In The Area Edit

  • Boom! - Causes a huge flashbang explosion.
  • Enemy - Causes a Taken to appear.
  • Possessed - Causes an inanimate object to appear.
  • Ravens - Causes a flock of ravens to appear.
  • Flare - Causes a flare to appear.
  • Tools - Causes a lot of ammo and flares to appear.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible to do this at normal jogging speed without activating any words.

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