Even though there are no clear-cut bosses as of yet in the Alan Wake Franchise this article is a list of all special encounters that act as bosses.

Alan WakeEdit

Episode 1: NightmareEdit


Carl Stucky, the gas station owner is possessed by the Dark Presence and becomes a tele-flanker.

Episode 2: TakenEdit


Rusty is the Elderwood National Park ranger, after being attacked and injured by Taken. He becomes a tele-flanker and attacks Alan.

Bird SwarmEdit

A large flock of Taken birds tries to attack you at your renting house.

Episode 3: Ransom (Alan Wake)Edit


A largely shadowy bulldozer tries to run over Alan on the way to the kidnapper in an arena-like area.

Episode 4: The TruthEdit


Nurse Birch was a nurse at the Cauldron Lake Lodge until he was possessed and became an Assault Taken.


A large possessed thresher attacks Alan on the way to the Andersen farm, aided by many Taken.

Episode 6: Departure (Alan Wake)Edit

The CraneEdit

A large, possessed crane awaits Alan at the end of a long bridge filled with poltergeist objects. It will try to smash and use sweeping attacks with its large motorized bucket.

The TornadoEdit

The final form of the darkness is a tornado summoned by . Nearby along the path is a crate of flaregun ammo. Shoot the flaregun into the tornado and it will die, never mind the things that gyrate around it. Enjoy the end of the story. 

Special 1: The SignalEdit


Insane Alan At the end of The Signal insane Alan is fought in the form of a t.v.

Special 2: The WriterEdit

Imaginary barry 4

Imaginary Barry is fought after destroying the imaginary Anderson brothers and Imaginary Emil at the end of The Writer. He appears three times, twice as assault and once as a tele-flanker.

Imaginary hartman

Imaginary Emil is fought towards the end of The Writer. He acts as a tele-flanker.

Imaginary tor

Imaginary Tor is fought alongside imaginary Odin after destroying Imaginary Emil, he acts as a tele-flanker.

Imaginary odin

Imaginary Odin is fought alongside imaginary Tor in The Writer, he and his imaginary brother are the only enemies seen wielding guitars. he acts as a tele-flanker.

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