This page is about the fictional town of Bright Falls. For the promotional miniseries, see Bright Falls mini-series.
Quote1"A beautiful place for a book".Quote2
―Alice Wake

Bright Falls was a small town, and is the setting for Alan Wake. Bright Falls is a quaint, Pacific Northwest town, implied to be in the state of Washington, due to the letters "WAS" visible on a Bright Falls map. In 2009, renowned writer Alan Wake came here with his wife Alice for a vacation away from his recently troubled life back home. Many bizarre events have occurred in and around the town of Bright Falls, such as the Dark Presence, which happens during the events of Alan Wake.



It is not recorded when Bright Falls was first founded as a nameless trading post, but its first real significance came when the Bright Falls Mining Company opened nearby in 1878. The company turned the small trading post into a town with its own money to provide the miners with entertainment and a place to stay. Shortly afterward, it was turned into a real town when Hubert Biltmore, a Washington fur trapper, came to the mining settlement. He opened a post office, saloon, and a hotel and ran it as a joint operation with his partner, Amos Gunderson, a Tacoma pioneer. The two of them shared the proceeds and erected a monument in their own honor within the town park.

Through their combined efforts, the two men expanded Bright Falls into a more permanent and thriving area. In present day, Bright Falls gained the nickname 'Night Springs', a popular horror television series. Its citizens, who especially favored the series, kept the nickname alive as a typical joke of tradition due to the isolated unsolved mysteries surrounding the town's past and present.

Episode 5: The ClickerEdit

This episode is really the first time you can explore Bright Falls the town. You start off in the Sheriffs station and work your way to the Bright Falls Town Hall. From there you make your way to the Bright Falls Book Store and then to the Church. After that you make your way to the Bright Falls Fire Station. After that you make your way to the Bright Falls Power Plant and then finally to the dam.

Special 1: The SignalEdit

In The Signal you encounter a destroyed and twisted version of Bright Falls that changes as you progress through the level.

Annual DeerfestEdit

Every year, Bright Falls celebrate an event during September 15-18 known as Deerfest. In the Bright Falls church, one of Deerfests traditions is having lit candles every night in September until the end of Deerfest. Bright Falls is set in the State of Washington, U.S.A.

Notable LocationsEdit

Known ResidentsEdit





A Deerfest commercial, as seen in the Bright Falls mini-series.

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