Bright Falls Light & Power PickupEdit

Catalog Description: Great general-purpose vehicles, these pickups are part of a recently released fleet from the disused Bright Falls Power Plant, north of town. They're fast enough, with good steering and durability.

The Bright Falls Light & Power Pickup is a driveable vehicle in Alan Wake. It's based on a 1973 Chevrolet C/K-Series . It has four variants: one with the Light & Power logo and sirens, a civiliant red, a white one owned by Mott and a wrecked red variant. However, only the Light & Power variant is driveable. In American Nightmare, the red and the wrecked one reappears, along with a new, brown variant with an 'Explosives' sign on the tailgate.Edit

Probably due to an oversight, after defeating the bulldozer in Episode 3, the Alan gets in a pickup based on a Chevrolet S-10. However in the cutscene and after it changes into this pickup.Edit


Episode 3:Edit

  • Driveable during the daylight part.

Episode 6:Edit

  • Found in a barn after the bridge.
  • Another one is parked on the right side on the road, when the school bus appears.
  • The third one is found after the last tunnel.
  • The last one is found after leaving the junkyard.

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