Quote1Farm animals aren't pets!Quote2
―Danny, Episode 4: The Truth

Danny is a character who appears in Alan Wake.

Alan Wake (Season 1)Edit

Danny appears as an Assault Taken at The Anderson Farm when he attacks his friend Walter with an axe. Beforehand, Walter can be heard somewhat muffled through the first floor ceiling, screaming at Danny when Alan walks into their cabin. He is heard screaming, "I'm sorry!", suggesting the two had an argument or something of the sort. Danny is then killed by Wake.


  • After Alan hears the chatter of Walter screaming at and shooting at Danny, Alan walks up the only staircase to find himself with a dying Walter, a revolver and ammo, and a television set with a recording. Danny then spawns downstairs, suggesting he leaped out the window and broke through the wall to get to Wake. This is confirmed by an open window and a large hole in the wall that wasn't there before going upstairs.

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