Quote1You ask me, this Agent Nightingale's been hitting the scotch bottle like a gong.Quote2
―Deputy Thornton

Thornton is a Deputy Sheriff who appears in Alan Wake.


A friend of Deputy Mulligan, the two tend to argue a lot. Deputy Thornton came to Bright Falls in the 90's and settled for the quiet life and the beautiful views of Bright Falls. As a Deputy he is used to being indoors at the Sheriffs Office taking 911 calls directed through to the Sheriffs Station and dispatching calls. Thornton is a well liked member of staff and has a very positive and honest personality. He may not like taking orders from a female Sheriff as Sarah Breaker is the first female Sheriff to Bright Falls, but he does admire her ambition and drive.


  • He is the less experienced of the two deputy friends.
  • He’s a big fan of Steve Buscemi.

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