Desert Shore Motel is a location found in Alan Wake's American Nightmare.


While it's origin is unknown, this is where the game starts, beginning Alan Wake's journey to Night Springs.

It was this motel where the first screenshot of the game was revealed, where it hid a few secrets including the "Diver" word in the background, where Alan was first seen with a new weapon "the nail gun", and that "Night Springs" is just 15 miles away.


The Desert Shore Motel makes up one of three main areas found in Alan Wakes American Nightmare. It is made up of the Desert Shore Motel, a nearby diner, as well as a neighboring gas station. Also closeby is a rail station, oil field, and train tunnel. The gas station serves as a truck stop, as such, several tractor trailers can be found parked out front.


Alan Wake First Shot

Motel Motel Diner

Concept artEdit

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