Ellen Adams is a resident of Bright Falls. She makes her first appearance in the Bright Falls mini-series.

Bright Falls (Mini-series)Edit

In the series, Ellen appears to Jake as an old friend, or possible ex-girlfriend of his. It is unknown what relationship they had. It is possible that Ellen has tried to get with Jake for a long time, with the make up she was wearing the first time they met up when they were both in Bright Falls.


Ellen Adams recently moved to the town of Bright Falls. She works for the Bright Falls Gazette, presumably as a reporter or editor.

Unanswered questionsEdit

  • Who was the person on Ellen's phone when Jake arrived? Was it Hal?
  • What happened to Ellen when she was in the car with Jake?
  • In the novel by Rick Burroughs, a manuscript page depicts a 7th grade girl named Ellen. Was this the same Ellen?