The Flashlight is a key item found and utilized in Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare.


The basic flashlight lights your way through dark forests and burns off the cloak of darkness that protects the Taken.


  • Standard Flashlight: the basic flashlight
  • Heavy Duty Flashlight: the "improved" version, with greater battery capacity and an increased rate of damage
  • Standard Lantern: with a wider spread and better boost ability, the lantern has improved capabilities at the expense of lifetime
  • Heavy Duty Lantern: the improved version of the lantern


The flashlight is a multi-use tool. Firstly, it can be used to help illuminate dark areas. Flashlights also uncover hidden messages which take the form of writings or arrows that appear only when illuminated. Finally, light is an important component of combat.

The normal flashlight makes a small beam of light and is weak against the Taken's shadows. The Heavy Duty flashlight, once found, creates a much larger beam of light and seems to be stronger in comparison and the Lanterns are even stronger still.

Combat TacticsEdit

Shining a flashlight on Taken will gradually destroy their otherwise-invulnerable shield of darkness. The light will lock and focus onto a single Taken, burning away at it's shield of darkness. Alan may choose to focus the light more, draining Taken shields even faster. However, this will drain the flashlight's battery rapidly. An audio signal along with a flash of light signals the complete removal of the shield of darkness, whereupon the Taken become vulnerable to physical damage from guns. If the Taken are left unattended for too long, they gradually regain their shield of darkness.

There will be certain encounters within the game where it is preferable, or even mandatory, to run away, and the flashlight's boost can be used to quickly disorient pursuers so a getaway can be achieved. This tactic is also useful in general for Taken, as they will fail to hit you and can be quickly followed up by gunshots.


Flashlight batteries slowly recharge themselves when they are not being used in combat. Extra batteries may be found as pickups.