Flashlights are a type of weapon in Alan Wake.


Flashlights have three primary uses in Alan Wake:

  • Removing the Dark Presence from the Taken or a possessed object
  • Finding clues on trails
  • Aiming firearms

As a weapon, light is essential for killing the Taken, as well as possessed objects. By shining light on a Taken long enough, they will be susceptible to bullets and can be killed. A halo will appear where the light interacts with the presence and over a short amount of time, will shrink until the object flashes. For the Taken, this signifies to the player that the presence is removed and that Taken can be shot. For possessed objects, it signifies that the object is no longer a threat. Other methods of removing the Dark Presence include mobile construction lights left by the local power company, flares, and flash bang grenades.

Types of FlashlightsEdit


Aiming with a flashlight

  • Regular - these flashlights have a limited capacity. The amount of battery will slowly recharge over time, however during combat it is faster to replace them.
  • Heavy Duty (Lithium Ion) - These flashlights are larger and have more capacity which is useful for killing more Taken as well as stronger Taken.
  • Batteries for the flashlights are made by Energizer (never explicit, but brand packaging is shown throughout the game)
  • Using boost (left trigger on XBOX), you are able to concentrate light on a specific Taken or possessed item in order to remove their Dark Presence faster so that you can shoot them.
1338733-alan wake screenshots xbox 360 19 super


Flashlights can be found in offices, houses and other places throughout the game.

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