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Pump-action Shotgun
Vital statistics
Type: Weapon
Effects: Can destroy Taken if their shield has been destroyed.
Max ammo: 32 (8 rounds)
Achievements: Two for the Price of One Two For the Price of One - 10G

The Pump-action Shotgun is one of the weapons featured in Alan Wake. There is another shotgun in the game, which is of the double-barreled variety.

In-Game descriptionEdit

The pump-action shotgun deals out serious punishment at a steady, if unspectacular rate. As an added bonus, a spread of buckshot can hit multiple enemies at once.


The pump-action shotgun deals less damage than the standard break-action shotgun (equal to two revolver shots) and is also capable of hitting several enemies with a single shot. Although it has a slower rate of fire, it holds eight rounds of ammunition so less reloading is required.


  • The model of the shotgun is actually a Mossberg 500, a weapon that is used for law enforcement.
  • This weapon is wielded by Sheriff Sarah Breaker in Night Life in Bright Falls.

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