Safe Havens are safe zones that appear throughout the night time sequences in the Alan Wake franchise. In safe havens, Alan regenerates health at an increased rate, a checkpoint is triggered, and some may have a red emergency supply box usually containing batteries and ammo. Any Taken in the immediate area will disappear when Alan enters a Safe Haven, with or without their shield.

In-Game NotesEdit

Safe havens usually come in the form of lamp posts, but also appear in different forms. They are generally a very bright light source. They are usually a constantly-available light source, that can be walked into again to regenerate health and remove enemies, but they sometimes break after their first use. Some also need to be activated by a nearby generator before they can be used.

Combat TacticsEdit

Safe havens can be used as weapons on occasion, as a few can be circumnavigated partially or even completely, which can be used as a hazard against the Taken, as they will walk into it. The Taken can also walk into it when you're entering the safe haven, generally as they are attacking you, accidentally destroying themselves in the process, meaning that you can save ammo and batteries.

Changes in American NightmareEdit

In Alan Wake's American Nightmare, safe havens now turn off a few seconds after Alan walks into one. This not only adds more danger to the game play, but it could also be explained that since Alan is in The Dark Place, light can barely keep a hold of itself.

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