The Caves are an Arcade map in the Fight 'Till Dawn feature appearing in Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

Normal DescriptionEdit

The caves are unsettling, littered with the remains of ships that couldn't possibly have ended this far inland. This is a strange country, riddled with mystery and death.


Caves is a Fight 'Till Dawn map in American Nightmare. Like the other maps, it features a Nightmare version in addition to the regular difficulty. Caves is a rather large map that centers around large, land locked boat; despite the fact that there is no water nearby. The boat occupies the center of the map, leaving the player the edges of the map to deal with the Taken. The edges of the map consist of several caves, as well as excavation equipment, that make for resupply areas. The steps of a shipp, in the middle, lead up to a flare gun.

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