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The Lighthouse is a location appearing in Alan Wake. It makes an appearance in Alan's Nightmare in the episode Nightmare and in the DLC episode The Writer, where in both cases he is trying to reach it. In his nightmare, it was initially unknown why, but later to try to escape the darkness, and in The Writer, it was to use it to reach Bird Leg Cabin to escape The Dark Place.


Inside the lighthouse is a stone, square room, with a cylindrical room directly attached to it, where stairs lead to the top of the lighthouse, and at the top is the light of the lighthouse and a walkway around the light.


  • The lighthouse's appearance is based on the real-life North Head Lighthouse located in Ilwaco, WA.
  • The lighthouse was originally placed in a sequence of events that had Alan chasing after Rusty who was being attacked by The Dark Presence. He would eventually drive to the lighthouse after Rusty died at Stucky's Gas Station only to be attacked by a tornado.

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