Tom Eagen is a character who appears in the Alan Wake novel.


Before the events of Alan Wake, Tom Eagen was a carpenter and local resident of Bright Falls WA. On the night before Deerfest, the Dark Presence attacked the town turning any unfortunate crew that were putting the finishing touches on the parade areas in the town centre, into taken. Eagen confronted Wake, Barry Wheeler and Sarah Breaker as they were leaving the sheriff station. Breaker having just learned of the Taken, attemted to reason with him but Eagen swung a hammer at her, barely missing the sheriff's head. Wake intervened to save Sarah by killing Tom in the same way as the other Taken.


Breaker was deeply unsettled by what Wake had to do to save her. She also seemed troubled that she couldn't help any of the other Taken.

Sarah comments that Eagen had fixed her front porch, though he was a lousy carpenter.

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