"Ordinary" could be the setting of the next Alan Wake game. In the alternate reality blog, This House of Dreams, that Sam Lake commented on in July 5th, a woman named Samantha has recently bought a house in the town called "Ordinary", (which could be the exact town that is located in Virginia with the same name). Samantha also found a shoebox in her attic that contains poems from Thomas Zane and pictures with a man and a woman in a boat with their faces smudged with black ink. (most likely Thomas Zane and Barbara Jagger). Ordinary, Virginia is right next to the ocean and could be connected to Alan's last words in the end of Alan Wake (Season 1): "It's not a lake, it's an ocean". The shoebox, that Samantha found, dissapeared for 3 fictional months and reappeared with new things in it. What do you think the new items will be when they are revealed?

Also, there is a hidden message in the Old Gods of Asgard's new song, Balance Slays the Demon. The message plays backwords while the song is going forward, so you have to play the song backwords to hear the message normally. The message strongly connects with Samantha and her blog, This House of Dreams, stating that: "It will happen again, in another town". "A town called Ordinary". What do you think Ordinary looks like?

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