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  • Kranitoko

    90% Off Alan Wake on Steam

    December 30, 2013 by Kranitoko

    As part of Steam's Holiday Sale, you can get Alan Wake for 90% off it's original sale price... both games that is.

    Both Alan Wake and American Nightmare are up for sale, so click the link and buy the franchise now.

    Kranitoko (talk) 18:19, December 30, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Kranitoko

    How would you like to win a signed Alan Wake's American Nightmare photo, signed by the one and only Fred Berman, who played the characters of Barry Wheeler from the Alan Wake franchise and Vinnie Gognitti in Max Payne 2?

    Fansite "The Sudden Stop" is giving you this very opportunity.

    Go here to find out how to win:


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  • Kranitoko

    As the Weekly Humble Bundle ends for Alan Wake, which sold 286K copies, generating $647K that went to the Remedy, charities and Humble themselves, Steam have decided to go all out on the franchise too.

    You can now buy Alan Wake for 90% off the original price. That means you can buy the franchise for just £3.10/$4.00.

    Remember, the franchise itself comes with:

    • Alan Wake
    • Alan Wake: Collectors Edition Extras
    • Alan Wake's American Nightmare

    You can buy each game separately too. Everything Alan Wake related on Steam is 90% off.

    Go here to have a gander. You don't want to miss this.

    The deal ends Monday 3rd June 10AM Pacific Time.


    P.S. The next Humble Bundle weekly sale includes Telltale's amazing Game of the Year, The Walking Dead. I'd get it if I…

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  • Kranitoko

    When Remedy revealed their newest game, Quantum Break, there were a lot of people who were less than pleased with it. Many fans were expecting Alan Wake 2, only to be disappointed.

    A day after the announcement, Sam Lake took to YouTube and talked to Remedy's fanbase about the prospects of Alan Wake 2 and why it is not in development.

    "When Alan Wake came out, it was not a huge hit on day one. It has been doing really well since then, and has moved more than three million – which is a nice figure. But when the game was released, that was not the case immediately. And even though we worked hard on it, the sequel was not happening. The time wasn’t right for that."

    Although things seemed doomed, Lake did not say this was the end.

    "We definitely wa…

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  • Kranitoko

    The next Xbox was revealed today, being called the "Xbox One". Whilst most of us were hoping for an Alan Wake 2 announcement, we got something else instead.

    Mixing live-action scenes and gameplay, Remedy announced Quantum Break. Not much is known about it yet, but what we saw was a family moving house with a little girl revealing she has some strange power to her mother. We then see a ship crash into a boat.

    The game will use the element of time, much to that of Remedy's "Bullet time" in Max Payne. The tagline is "Time is the fire in which we burn."

    The game is due to be released exclusively on the Xbox One in 2014.


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