Hey Guys,

So ToCxHawK and LaVolpesBite thought that maybe this Wiki should include achievements. I wanted to do this months ago, but had no idea how to. I have figured it out now, and now you can have fun on the wiki with lots of achievements you can earn.

I have updated the titles so something more... Alan Wakey. Some simple achievements you can earn:

False Identity?
Add to your own user page

Radio Show Host
Write 1 blog post (0/1)

"You Suck, Eddie"
Write a comment on 3 different blog posts (0/3)

"Try the Coffee"
Leave someone a message on their talk page

These four are so simple! Feel free to leave me a message on my talk page. You know, just for the achievement :D Also, leave a comment on this blog post. It'll count towards the "You Suck, Eddie" achievement. And how about you let people get to know you a bit and introduce yourself with a blog post :) And why not create your user page and mention it in that very same blogpost.

There's plenty of achievements to get. As of yet, the images are default but I do plan on changing them, so look out for the new images!

I hope you enjoy the wiki with new achievements! :)


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