As the Weekly Humble Bundle ends for Alan Wake, which sold 286K copies, generating $647K that went to the Remedy, charities and Humble themselves, Steam have decided to go all out on the franchise too.

You can now buy Alan Wake for 90% off the original price. That means you can buy the franchise for just £3.10/$4.00.

Remember, the franchise itself comes with:

  • Alan Wake
  • Alan Wake: Collectors Edition Extras
  • Alan Wake's American Nightmare

You can buy each game separately too. Everything Alan Wake related on Steam is 90% off.

Go here to have a gander. You don't want to miss this.

The deal ends Monday 3rd June 10AM Pacific Time.


P.S. The next Humble Bundle weekly sale includes Telltale's amazing Game of the Year, The Walking Dead. I'd get it if I were you... go here.

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