Hey guys,

So if you're someone visiting this wiki for the first time, or perhaps own the games on the Xbox 360 and want them all over again, good news.

Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare are both 50% off on Steam.


  • Alan Wake - £11.49/$14.99
  • American Nightmare - £5.99/$7.99

And if you already own Alan Wake on PC, you'll still be eligible to get 15% off American Nightmare!

Buy them! Offer ends 23 July 2012! Here's hoping they may be further discounted later on in the sale! But don't just think as Alan Wake as the only game you need to buy. So many other great games are on sale too!

The Max Payne franchise, the other gem Remedy developed, are on sale too, with the first 2 games selling for just £2.99/$4.99. And although it's not developed by Remedy, Max Payne 3 is £20.99/$40.19 on Steam too!

Take our friends over at "Amnesia Wiki". Amnesia: The Dark Descent is also 50% off, selling at £6.49/$9.99.

I hope you enjoy the Steam Summer Sale 2012!


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