So if Alan Wake 2 were mae, this is what it should contain:

  • Taken Animals that attack. These can vary from dogs, to wolves, to deers. Each have their own attack, e.g. Dogs will bite you, wolves will pounce at you, and deers will charge at you.
  • Melee weapons, such as baseball bats, chainsaws and knives (The Taken can use them, why can't Alan?)
  • Atleast 10 episodes in the main game, compared to the 6 episodes (excluding DLC)
  • Co-Op missions
  • You could have an arena battle where you are fighting waves of Taken and Taken animals.
  • If multiplayer was added, the arena battle could be part of it, along with playing death match. What you could do is have 2 teams of five people (5 humans from the game, and Taken types and lets just go from there with Multiplayer)
  • In the single player, be able to use cranes and tractors to battle, rather than having to battle the cranes and tractors. (although add those too)
  • You could have specs of floating darkness that float around too, and if they touch Alan, he gets hurt immensly. (Almost like the black liquid only it flys)

Thats all I can think about for now ;)


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