As everyone who has got the new add on "The signal" may have noticed a couple of extra achievements have now became visible in the games achievements list. There are 8 new achievements in total Two of these are collectable achievements, The new collectibles are alarm clocks and cardboard cut-outs of people alan wake has become friends with before and during his time in bright falls. To use a guide to find these collectibles would usually be quite hard as the add on has only just been released but thanks to a small group of people using this sight Alan Wiki can be proud to be one of the few web sites that has a full guide to the new collectables not to mention a huge amout of information concerning the whole game. Being a xbox gamer myself I was really exited about the release of alan wake and since it has came out have been playing it again and again. I have only got one achievement left to get and that is to complete the signal without dying, restarting a checkpoint or restarting the xbox and as you can guess this is quite difficuilt, But I will prevail! Well done to everyone who has contributed to this Wiki and I hope people keep adding information.

Have a great time exploring the darkness of brightfalls I know I have.

James C Rebornghost man 10:05, July 28, 2010 (UTC)

ps. If anyone wants to add me on xbox live rebornghost man is my gamertag!

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